Assessor's Office

The job of the assessor's is to place a value on all taxable real and personal property, within the county as of January 1, which is the assessment date set by statute. Each of the 115 County Assessor's offices, in the state of Missouri, is overseen and regulated by the Missouri State Tax Commission. Random visits by technical assistants, and annual ratio studies on all three (commercial, residential, and agricultural) classes of property, aid the state tax commission in ensuring the assessor's compliance with the state requirements.

Real Estate & Personal Property

Real estate and personal property are the two types of local property taxes.

Real Estate

  • Residential at 19% of market value
  • Commercial at 32% of Market value
  • Agricultural at 12% of market value

Personal Property

  • Almost everything is valued at 33 1/3% of market value
  • Grain at 1/2 of 1%

No Small Task

Buchanan County has over 40,000 parcels of land on the real tax roll and over 110,000 articles of personal property that have to be valued each year.

Contact the County Collector with questions regarding:

  • Not receiving one or more statements
  • General questions concerning the collection process