Real Estate

Land Owner Responsibilities

The tax liability on real estate remains with the property. Taxes are a lien. When ownership changes, the new owner is liable for unpaid taxes. Tax bills are sent to the mailing address in the tax file as of date the bill is printed. Property is subject to be sold at public auction for back taxes if the real estate taxes remain unpaid for two years. The tax certificate sale is held annually on the fourth Monday in August at 10 a.m. on the west side of the courthouse steps.

The current owner is responsible for paying all taxes due on the property. Partial payments are not accepted. If you did not purchase the property until later in the year, the taxes should have been prorated and deducted from the selling price at closing or paid to you in cash by the previous owner.

Tax Bills

Tax bills are mailed in November. If you do not receive a tax bill by November 30, you should contact the Collector's office and request one. Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve you from paying the taxes or any interest and penalty due should they become delinquent. All taxes become delinquent if they are not paid by December 31.

Escrow Accounts

Yes, you will receive an informational copy of your bill. This informational billing will indicate that your mortgage company has requested the bill for that parcel. If you receive a tax bill that does not show that it has been requested by your lien holder, please forward the bill to your mortgage company immediately for timely processing.