Public Administrator

Annette Bertelsen is the Public Administrator of Buchanan County. Assisted by four deputies, she handles approximately 400 cases serving as Guardian, Conservator, Personal Representative, or Representative Payee.

As Guardian

The Public Administrator is charged with providing for each ward's care, treatment, habilitation, education, support, and maintenance. Annual reports are filed with the probate court.

As Conservator

The Public Administrator expends protectees' funds for purposes authorized by statute or court order, and safeguards all of their assets. Annual reports are filed with the probate court.

As personal representative

For Court-designated deceased estates, the Public Administrator serves as Personal Representative, and concludes decedents' affairs, under the supervision of the probate court.

as representative payee

Some individuals under Guardianship also require help paying bills. As their Representative Payee, the Public Administrator provides this service. An annual reporting is made to Social Security.