What’s in it for me?
First and foremost, you will have done your best to make our community a safe place to live and work. You may sometimes feel frustrated and discouraged - the process of justice does take time. But, some of the delays you may encounter are part of the system that protects your rights if someone accuses you of a crime. In our country, every person is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

To protect this right, our system of criminal justice provides many steps.

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1. What to do if contacted by the Defendant:
2. What is a subpoena?
3. What is an arrest warrant?
4. What happens to the person accused of a crime?
5. What is the purpose of bail?
6. What if I change my mind about prosecuting or testifying?
7. How are witnesses called?
8. What if someone threatens me to drop the charges?
9. What if the defense attorney contacts me about the case?
10. Can I be compensated for losses I have suffered as a victim?
11. What’s in it for me?
13. What is a preliminary hearing?
14. What does a victim or witness do in a preliminary hearing?
15. Are witnesses permitted to be in the courtroom before and after testifying?
16. How does a case get dismissed?
17. What is a deposition?
18. What happens in a trial?
19. How and when is sentencing determined?
20. Does the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office really care about me?