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Buchanan County, MO. Assessor's Feedback Form

  1. We here in the Buchanan County Assessor’s office want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you with all your needs as a property owner. We would like to have your feedback to assist us in improving or enhancing the taxpayer experience while visiting the courthouse. Your opinion is very important, so please take a few minutes to complete the following survey.
  2. 1. Which Department were your working with?*
  3. 2. How did you contact the Assessor’s Office?*
  4. 3. Evaluating your recent experience with the Assessor’s office how would you rate the quality of customer service you received?*
  5. 4. The process of getting your inquiry resolved was?*
  6. 5. The representative that worked with you was very knowledgeable.*
  7. 6. The waiting time to be seen and have your inquiry addressed was satisfactory.*
  8. 7. Which of the following qualities of the your representative stood out as being superior or very satisfactory customer service qualities? Please check all that apply.*
  9. 8. Which of the following qualities of your representative stood out as being somewhat satisfactory or poor customer service qualities? Please check all that apply.*
  10. 9. Overall, how satisfied were you with the quality and level of customer service provided to you on your visit to the Assessor’s office?*
  11. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey, your feedback is very important and we appreciate your honest opinion. We are continually striving to improve our customer service to you and to make visiting the assessor’s office an enjoyable experience. Your feedback will assist us in accomplishing that goal.
  12. Thank you for your time,
  13. Dean Wilson

    Buchanan County Assessor

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